Hallo, ik ben Koen Van Mol.
Digitale duizendpoot uit Klein-Brabant.

My name is Lionel Taurus. I’m an Interactive Art Director at Hello Monday. I’ve been working the past 4 years for B-Reel Creative NYC and Make Me Pulse.

I’m from Guadeloupe, a french Carribean Island where I grew up till I was 17. I’ve always been passionate about design and learned a lot about interactive media and graphic design after studying in several art schools in France, including Gobelins, the school of visual communication. I’m now working as an Art Director at Hello Monday after 4 years at B-Reel Creative New York and Make Me Pulse in Paris.

User Experience

I curate experiences with users-first approach increasing sales and leads.

Interface Design

I design award-winning interface designs which tell a story for your customers

In-House Development

I can work on your headquarters during the project.

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